The Mark of the Beast

A Hidden Code Reveals the Meaning of the Numbers in the Bible

Bible Mathematics by JW Farquhar

The RC666 Bible Code reveals the true Mark of the Beast

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The RC666 Bible Code-- Back Cover

Many people regard both religion and science as opposite avenues to the truth. Some of these same people choose science over religion, because science is the believable natural real world as opposed to a perceived unrealistic supernatural realm.

Religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, or Islam are heretofore not supported by foundational laws proven by mathematics like the calculations in physics and chemistry, even though the Bible has many imbedded numbers. Instead of a natural order in the world governed by proven rules of behavior, there is man-made religious dogma from the ideas of theologians, who substitute faith for reason. But can logic and faith be combined so that logic supports faith? Is there such a thing as a cup of truth like a Holy Grail?

Is there such a thing as a mathematical code, which underlies the Word of God, much like the Newtonian math, which underlies the natural order of the physical universe? The answer to this is yes. The RC666 Bible Code reveals a divinely ordered mathematical discipline that consistently underlies all scripture in the Bible, and governs the behavior of man, just as the Newtonian laws of physics govern the behavior of matter, motion, space, and time.

The RC666 Bible Code brings together the numbers in the Bible to proclaim the validity of the Word of God. With these numbers the RC666 Bible Code reveals a window into the mind of God, reveals the secret identity of the Son of God, the purpose of human life and the true Mark of the Beast. Through the RC666 Bible Code many unrealistic religious doctrines are exposed and shattered with the reality of God’s written Word.

I awoke early in the morning from a dream with too much raw information. It was like trying to drink from an open fire hose. Could it all be documented with words? This is impossible I thought. But after a little while, denial was overcome with a troubling sense of responsibility. I was left with a fire in my brain. With a little more time denial turned into a workmanlike passion to share this information with others. However this new knowledge turned out to be a radical departure from established religious doctrines. By necessity it had to become secret. After four years here is the book that defines the true mark of the beast. Read it and decide for yourself

JW Farquhar

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RC666 — Index of Figures

Figure 1-1. Interpretations of Revelation 13:18 8

Figure 1-2. Counting 666 in the Beginning 13

Figure 1-3. Day Three and Day Six in Hebrew 14

Figure 1-4. Covenant Mark on the Beast's Soul 16

Figure 1-5. Four Marks of 666 on Mankind 21

Figure 1-6 The 666 Scientific Code of Life 21

Figure 2-1. The Foundation's Window 35

Figure 2-2. The Creation's Window 41

Figure 2-3. Creation and Salvation Though Morning 42

Figure 2-4. Genesis 1:13 in Hebrew 43

Figure 2-5. Three Ages in the Window 51

Figure 2-6. The Age of Light by 666 53

Figure 3-1. Four Way Host of the Mark 666 61

Figure 3-2. Six Basic Psychological Natures of the Beast 63

Figure 3-3. The 666 Framework of the RC666 Beast 64

Figure 3-4. Six Transformed Natures 65

Figure 3-5. The Mark 77 77 77 For the Natures of Man 66

Figure 3-6. The Divine Order that Brings Down the Walls 68

Figure 3-7. The Incomplete I-AM-666 Bridge (KJV) 73

Figure 3-8. The I-AM Bridge Completion (KJV) 73

Figure 3-10. Report 53 from Isaiah 78

Figure 3-11. The Seventh Nature - Darkness or Enlightenment 83

Figure 3-12. 114 for Jesus and the Koran 87

Figure 4-1. Job's Numbers-Prologue View 94

Figure 4-2. Six Self-Righteous Judgments by Job of Others 101

Figure 4-3. Six Self-Righteous Judgments by Job of Himself 102

Figure 4-4. Job's Numbers-Epilogue View 116

Figure 5-1. Path to the Light 120

Figure 5-2. The Double Path 120

Figure 5-3. The RC666 Beast Bible Code Window 121

Figure 5-4. The First Blood Sacrifice 125

Figure 5-5. The Flood Timeline 126

Figure 5-6 The Flood's Prophecy of the Son 129

Figure 5-7 Prophecy of the Birds 131

Figure 5-8. The Covenant of 666 Blood 132

Figure 5-9. The Covenant of Seventh Blood Circumcision 134

Figure 5-10. Prophecies for Life and Death 137

Figure 5-11. Prophecy of Future Harvests 139

Figure 5-12. Father Time and the Son 142

Figure 5-13. Victories of the Ministry Divine 144

Figure 5-14. Prophecy for the Reign of the Son 145

Figure 5-15. Three Denials By Peter 147

Figure 6-1. Seven Sacred Occasions for Seven Natures 152

Figure 6-2. Daily Offerings for the Sabbath 158

Figure 6-3. Passover / Feast of Unleavened Bread 161

Figure 6-4. First Fruit of the Harvest 163

Figure 6-5. Seven Weeks to Forgiveness 166

Figure 6-6. Feast of Trumpets Offerings 168

Figure 6-7. Day of Atonement Offerings 171

Figure 6-8. The Journey of Life - Tree to Tree 175

Figure 6-9. The Ingathering Countdown 178

Figure 6-10. The Prophecy of Three Annual Pilgrimages 180

Figure 6-11. The Conception and Birth of Yeshua 184

Figure 6-12. Grain Harvest-Spiritual Harvest 188

Figure 6-13. The Covenant to Harvest for God 190

Figure 6-14. Righteousness in the Order of 77 and 777 192

Figure 7-1. Cause and Effect of Spiritual Growth in Man 197

Figure 7-2. History of Regularity for the Foundation's Window 198

Figure 7-3. The Jewish Bridge of Works 207

Figure 7-4. The I-AM Bridge 208

Figure 7-5. Paul's Righteousness Bridge 211

Figure 8-1. The Legacy of Jacob ( Israel ) 235

Figure 8-2. Mathew's Genealogy for the Son of Man 237

Figure 8-3. Luke's Genealogy for the Son of God 245

Figure 8-4. 77 Miracle Signs from the Son 257

Figure 8-5. Healing Signs for Man 258

Figure 8-6. The 777 Discovery Document (Evidence for the Court) 262

Figure 9-1 The Parable of the Fig Tree 276

Figure 9-2. The Way of Behavior 279

Figure 9-3. You Must be Born Again 282

Figure 9-4. Window to the Kingdom of God 285

Figure 9-5. The Lord's Prayer in the Window 287

Figure 9-6. Six Water Pots Transformed 289

Figure 9-7. The Wine Fermentation Process 292

Figure 9-8. Parable of Leaven 294

Figure 9-9 Fish and Bread 297

Figure 9-10. RC666 + Jesus = RC777 298

Figure 9-11. Time for the Counselor of Light 301

Figure 10-1. The Earthly Pentagram 310

Figure 10-2. RC666 Beast Pentagram 311

Figure 10-3. The Hexagram 312

Figure 10-4. The Flag of Israel (Blue) 312

Figure 10-5. The Divine Hexagram in the Creation 313

Figure 10-6. The RC777 Blossomed Flower 315

Figure 10-7. The RC666 as an Un-blossomed Almond Flower 316

Figure 10-8. Construction of the Menorah 320

Figure 10-9. The Pattern on the Mountain in the Menorah 320

Figure 10-10 The Roman Cross 324

Figure 10-11. The Cross of God 326

Figure 10-12. The Cross that Divides 327

Figure 11-1 Three Day Transition to the First Ten Commandments 332

Figure 11-2 Three-way Transition to the Second Ten Commandments 334

Figure 11-2. Morning's Three Day Transition to Joshua 336

Figure 11-3. Mark the Son of the Commandment -Son of Man 338

Figure 11-4. Witness Transition to the Ministry of the Kingdom of God 339

Figure 11-5. A Progression of Bridges 348

Figure 11-6. A Window of Dispensations 349

Figure 11-7. Isaiah 6:9,10 353

Figure 11-8. First Advent of the Holy Spirit of Light 356

Figure 11-9. Gentile Empowerment by Holy Spirit of Light 361

Figure 11-10. A Window of Enlightenment 363

Figure 11-11. Dispensations and the Ages of Time 375

RC666 Notes

The RC666 Bible Code is no longer for sale. On a need-to-know basis, there is just too much information. The human beast is simply wired to think like a beast.

Fortunatly there is a replacement. Published a year later in 2008 The Genesis I Window contains much of the same material and is reorganized.

The most recent book by JW Farquhar was published in 2011. Overcome the 666 mark of the beast with the Perfect Salvation revealed in this book, -- Daniels Secret .

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More on the Doctrine of the Cross

Overcome the 666 mark of the beast with the Perfect Salvation revealed in the book, -- Daniels Secret.

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Date 666 is coming when the all those with the mark of the beast will be exterminated.